Body, Wheels, Axles
  1. The body in the official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit must be used. Bodies of other materials will be disqualified.
  2. You must use the block of wood provided. Purchasing pre-made bodies is NOT ALLOWED.
  3. The Body may be shaped, hollowed out, or built up from the original block as long as it meets all other specifications.  
  4. Any additions to the original body (drivers, decals, pain, weights, etc.) must be firmly attached.
  5. Only official Cub Scout Pinewood Derby wheels and axles may be used. No washers, bushings, rubber tubing, springs, or starting devices are allowed.
  6. The surface of the wheel that touches the track must not be tapered, grooved, rounded, or ridged.  Smoothing of the existing wheel is permitted.
  7. The original axle grooves on the car may not be altered or moved except to re-square the grooves.
  8. You may use the official Pinewood Derby axle guards if they meet the specifications above.
  9. There is no designated front or back to the supplied body: either end may be the front. (* see Note below)
  10. The nose of the front of the car must allow the car to be placed in the starting area of the inclined track.
  11. No part of the car may extend beyond the nose of the car that rests against the starting mechanism.
* Note: The Race Starter will place the car on the track according to axle location.  The back axel is nearest to the end of the car.  The front axel is furthest away from the end of the car.  This determines the direction the car will race unless the contestant clearly marks "Front" on the car.